ALIA. Business organization.


In one of the most important livestock areas of the Spanish geography Desarrol her to the ctivity business since 1975, the ALIA Cooperative. It was initiated by a small group of farmers in the Murcia region of Guadalentín with the aim of reducing the costs of their farms, pioneering the livestock associations in the Region of Murcia group. Today is formed by a group of more than 400 ranching families scattered throughout the region of Murcia and surrounding provinces, which has made ​​it the most Important Cattlemen's Association and the Spanish Southeast.

Alia ensures total quality in the Animal Food, the objective is to add value to its partners, participating for the ment at all stages of the food chain from farm to table associates the final consumer.

ALIA facilities enjoy the best international technology, all processes from the unloading of raw materials, manufacture and subsequent storage of finished feed are fully automated, this allows us to guarantee full traceability of our products.

Alia offers partners have swine breeding establishment A4 qualified with health certification means that is free of some types of diseases and can’t vaccinate against these diseases, in which our technicians strict sanitary control, with a prime genetic quality focused to produce standards of quality and safety of the channels

. Other key factors for obtaining the best raw material meats is the proximity of the farm to the slaughterhouse, so the animals do not suffer the stress could cause them long displacements.

Alia is the majority owner of Grupo Alimentario de Lorca, one of slaughtering and cutting factory, largest in the region with an annual production of more than 500,000 pigs.

A breeding pig represented by the ALIA Cooperativa, recently joined by another of the hallmarks of Lorca, the charcuterie tradition represented by the octogenarian firm's Los Quijales.

 It’s precisely the security and control of all stages of farming livestock, ta them as food, health, breeding and fattening, with full traceability in all processes, ensuring the quality and food safety of the meat, after careful selection

 There of, they shall be part of the delicious items Quijales.

The union, therefore, the charcuterie tradition and livestock tradition of Lorca, result in the better taste of the region. The Quijales meat products.